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+ Legal services to businesses
  • We provide full-range legal counselling services and assistance to business persons, such as private and public companies, corporations and partnerships, related to their business and external operations as well as internal legal issues.
  • We develop and review contracts, agreements, internal regulations, by-laws, corporate documents and other records and papers.
  • We provide legal counselling services related to the establishing, restructuring and managing of companies and capital groups.
  • We provide legal advice as to tax optimisation procedures and legal frameworks. We also help to choose the optimal legal form of business.
  • We represent our clients before courts, tribunals and public authorities.

Our experience:

Our experience comprises legal services provided to capital companies and corporations operating in the market sectors of

  • IT,
  • new technologies,
  • social portals,
  • trade (including Internet trade),
  • production,
  • financial services,
  • leasing of commercial premises and
  • heavy industry.
+ Court proceedings
  • We have a long experience in representing parties before courts, tribunals and public authorities in proceedings related to business, administrative and other matters.
  • In legal proceedings we appear as our Client’s attorneys, lawyers etc., whether the Client acts as a plaintiff, defendant, petitioner, participant or otherwise, and we always seek to protect and defend our Client’s interests.
  • We prepare documents related to
    • lawsuits,
    • summons,
    • appeals,
    • cassations,
    • remedies,
    • claims,
    • complaints, etc.

Our experience:

Our experience comprises

  • claims for disputed or litigated payments, including those exceeding PLN 1 million,
  • proceedings related to internal corporation affairs, purported to have a resolution of a corporate body revoked or annulled,
  • administrative proceedings and disputes with government bodies,
  • criminal proceedings including pleading the defendant’s case,
  • civil, corporate, family, property law proceedings and proceedings of a similar nature, to mention but a few legal procedures we have been involved in.
+ Capital markets
  • We provide counselling services to companies considering IPO (Initial Public Offering) or SPO (Second Public Offering) on the Warsaw Stock Exchange market.
  • We are involved in the development of the legal aspects and parts of prospectuses and other relevant IPO documents.
  • We also provide legal counselling services to prospective issuers while the prospectus is being examined by the Polish securities and markets authority (Komisja Nadzoru Finansowego, KNF).
  • We work with financial advisors and brokerage firms on a regular basis, which helps us to effectively manage procedures related to public offerings.

Our experience:

We were involved in the following IPOs and SPO:

  • Mercator Medical S.A. (IPO in 2013, SPO in 2016)
  • Wind Mobile S.A. (moved from NewConnect to the Warsaw Stock Exchange and IPO in 2015)
  • Archicom S.A. (IPO in 2016).
+ Private Equity investments
  • We provide legal counselling services in matters related to investing into companies.
  • We support companies seeking financing from non-public markets, including funds linked with the National Capital Fund.
  • We have specialized in developing legal  documents for the aforementioned processes and, specifically, investment agreements and corporate governance regulations, which are required in order to carry out a funding round.
  • We develop transaction documents for investment exits – while shares or units are marketed to a professional investor operating in a given market sector.


We have provided counselling services to:

  • a company of the pre-money valuation of PLN 60 million,
  • private equity funds, including, but not limited to those linked  with the National Capital Fund, related to investment projects at various stages of their development, which involved a number of companies, the pre-money valuation of each exceeded PLN 20 million.
+ Start-ups
  • We develop legal frameworks for start-ups and provide them with legal services related to their day-to-day operations.
  • Having worked with founders for several years, we perfectly understand their specific modes of operations. We support founders in all aspects of their activities so that they are able to implement their ideas and concepts seamlessly.
  • We help start-ups to get prepared to private equity investments.

Our experience: 

We are experienced in creating LLCs that operate Internet portals, as well as those that offer web-based services and/or Internet services.

+ Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)
  • We help companies to prepare and implement ESOPs for their employees and founders.
  • Our assistance is supported by our broad experience and competence in regulating the aforementioned matters, specifically in ESOPs implemented by LLCs or joint-stock companies by way of the issue of subscription warrants or purchase options of publicly traded shares.

Our experience: 

  • We have prepared ESOPs for LLCs, based on shares or rights to participate in profit and gains including those from the sale of the company.
  • We have also prepared ESOPs for publicly traded companies, based on subscription warrants or buy-backs.
+ Due diligence
  • We carry out legal audits of both: companies and properties.
  • We identify and indicate potential risks related to:
  •        – capital investments in companies,
           – acquisition of businesses and
           – purchase of shares and/or properties.
  • We examine audit results and advise proper steps in order to remove defects and/or deficits found.
    Our experience: 

    We have carried out:
  • legal audit of a capital group of the issuer of securities,
  • legal audits of LLCs purported to identify risks related to private equity investments,
  • legal audits of companies, commissioned by their owners,
  • legal audits of commercial properties for the purpose of a prospective purchase of the same by investors.
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