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Services and standards

We support..

our Clients in their everyday “skirmishes” with law. Our Client may be sure that his/her problem will be given as much attention and time as it requires, and the legal assistance will be comprehensive and based on our broad competence and long-lasting experience.

We represent…

our Clients before courts, tribunals, public authorities and in out-of-court and extrajudicial proceedings always protecting our Client’s interests  in a brave and honourable manner.

In order to have our Clients properly and fully informed at each stage of proceedings, we discuss the progress of their cases with them and agree upon actions and measures to be taken.

We negotiate…

conditions of transactions on behalf of our Clients, in particular, investment contracts, court and out-of-court settlements and similar instruments. In each case goals to be achieved, negotiation strategies and tactics  are discussed with our Client.

Our Client is informed about the negotiation progress on a current basis and we discuss and agree with him/her any further steps and measures to be taken in order to achieve a goal satisfactory to the Client.

We work with…

many law firms, notaries public, tax advisors, financial advisors and brokerages, which makes it possible for us to provide full-range and comprehensive services, particularly those covered by our specialization.

We never refuse to be of assistance…

We never shun challenges and non-standard issues, also those exceeding our fields of specialization.

Anybody who asks for our legal assistance may be sure to receive professional legal advice and help in settling his/her problems.

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Copyright © Krzysztof Topolski
Site developed and powered by polarbear.pl